Words from the Student Body about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

by UniMed Student Writers

This site is intended for students who study with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to write about and share their experiences of Serge Benhayon and his work as a presenter, author and practitioner of Esoteric Medicine. It was started by a group of students who felt that their experiences were either not being documented or were being at times mis-represented online and in the media.

This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine. It is one of the central tenets of the Esoteric work as taught by Serge Benhayon, and many of us share the same view, that each person should have the right to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations to be of truth and value or not. It is not for us or anyone else to impose our views or chosen ways of living, on another. Having said that, it has recently become apparent that it is imperative that our voices and stories be present on the Internet lest the only source of information about us be that which originates from third parties.

There will be many people from many professions and walks of life whose contributions will be shared here. Among us are doctors and lawyers, cleaners, accountants, waiters, teachers and builders. We are normal everyday people with varied backgrounds and experiences. We share a commonality in that the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon have resonated with us and inspired us in one way or another.

Despite recent criticisms leveled at Universal Medicine that it is a “cult”, we are not writing here to make sure our name isn’t muddied, or because we fear for the reputation of our so-called ‘cult leader’ or guru. We write because through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and because of our own choices and commitments, we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing. Our stories are often inspiring, and the connections we enjoy with each other and with our many friends who have no interest in the Esoteric (and who are respected for that), are many and varied. We are not unaware that everything we do can easily be viewed through cult-coloured glasses. Yes, most of us don’t drink or smoke, yes, we eat similar carb-light diets, although many in the student body do not. Yes, many of us listen to the same student-produced music – although there are many among us who find it not to their taste at all and aren’t afraid to say so.

Once accusations of ‘cult’ and ‘cult leader’ start to be thrown about, any discussion of that person or group is necessarily going to be approached with high levels of caution by the casual observer, making a considered discussion difficult. The student becomes painted as the follower, the cult-worshipper – a mind-controlled drone of the master who has no freedom of expression. To state it categorically, Serge Benhayon does not run a cult and is not a cult leader. He runs workshops for paying participants who do make varying degrees of changes to their health and well-being as a result of attending. When and if these changes are made, it can be difficult to accept that it is by free-will that a person has chosen a particular way of living, especially if that chosen way, by virtue of its contrast, might challenge another’s chosen behaviours and way of living. But we will leave that for the reader to feel for themselves. We can only trust that our words and experiences might be felt and considered free from a pre-decided position as is often the case on other online forums, especially, but not limited to, the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum.

Serge Benhayon – a brief history from a student’s perspective

Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine, which began in 2000. He is a practitioner whose Esoteric Medicine practice has actively worked in unison and in complement to Western Medicine for a number of years. Serge Benhayon also runs workshops and retreats that allow participants to experience true care and rejuvenation in their daily living routine. Resoundingly, the courses and retreats present the possibility that we can claim a deep care and responsibility for our daily choices and actions in very practical ways. Should the participant choose it, this awareness is then taken into their daily living. Many hundreds have benefited from the teachings to date. While none of the teachings are prescriptive, the benefits of certain ways of living are presented for those who participate to choose for themselves whether the teachings are of benefit to them or not.

The teachings are at times unconventional insofar as they do break with what are considered everyday accepted habits of the human being. Some examples of the teachings presented below:

  • The most rejuvenating sleep is between 9pm and 3am (proponents of his work go to bed at 9pm and rarely later).
  • The consumption of gluten is responsible for a dulling effect on people on an energetic as well as physical level (the latter is also and in more recent times becoming widely well-documented by scientific studies).
  • Alcohol and ‘recreational’ drug-use is born of a desire to numb oneself or distract oneself from dealing with their core issues and or for ‘dutch-courage’ in social situations – but if a true joy is known and connected to in the person then the need to alter one’s state by way of ingested substances ceases.
  • Alcohol consumption is often triggered by exhaustion — as its high sugar content is a key factor in the want to consume it at the ‘end of a hard day’.

Of late some of Serge’s teachings have come under heavy criticism, this is not surprising as the presentations are necessarily confronting to a human society that is living less than a harmonious and joyful way of being. The presentations are often challenging on many levels. For instance, certainly people are much more likely to want to hear that ‘red wine is good for them’ rather than to hear that it is in fact a poison to the body and at the energetic level very harming. Interestingly, Serge has never told anyone not to drink alcohol, rather he has presented the energetic consequences as he knows them to be. This puts a lot of people off-side, but then, both students and critics alike have observed that he doesn’t seem to measure or calculate what he says simply to deliver that which people will want to hear.

Resoundingly Serge Benhayon’s teachings impress upon the student or observer the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)

In the following posts, what we write, we will write for everybody. Feel it, view it, reject it, rejoice in it as you see fit. We don’t ask that you agree. Just that you read it with an open heart.

Stay tuned.


There is much more to come.



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  1. I’ve been reading these blogs for a few years now and have connected with some absolute pearls of wisdom in what others have shared. No matter what is occurring in my life I pretty much always happen to read the wisdom of someone in their similar experience. These blogs and their comments are very supportive, appreciated and relatable.

  2. Everything presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine make perfect sense, we know our bodies are refreshed if we go to bed earlier, and we know alcohol is a poison to our body, it’s simply a question of whether we want to admit these truths and make our lives as truthful and vital as possible.

  3. My life has definitely changed since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, it has been a slow transition, as I have found there is much truth in what they present, never pushy, never dictatorial a presentation where truth will always stand up for itself, and as a result I live the truth I know, and that allows me to feel far more joy in my body. A cult – no, a man who stands for humanity – yes!

  4. When we consider the lies that have been told about Serge Benhayon as well as many students of the Ageless Wisdom, it’s actually really incredible to read the content of the blogs and the other websites that have been created to express the miracles that have occurred in the everyday lives of students. The media has a long way to go before they begin printing the truth, which benefits all and of course part of that is calling out what is not true. However some can’t see their own blind spot. The ponderings on these websites are great philosophical works related to living everyday day life. These are not only a record for the future but a blueprint for the future as well.

  5. This is a great article to revisit and demonstrates what people, if they so choose, might be prevented from accessing by the misinformation and downright lies that have been spread about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  6. Interesting to read what the initial reasons were for this blog, for I dare say now that they have changed, and this blog site serves a much deeper purpose, not only to facilitate the expression of those who might not ordinarily have a voice, but equally to document the lives of those who by way of the way they live their lives are seeking to show that one can live an extraordinarily ordinary life, full of the challenges we all face, and yet still find an inner steadiness and open-ness and zest that all crave but few find.

  7. “In the following posts, what we write, we will write for everybody. Feel it, view it, reject it, rejoice in it as you see fit. We don’t ask that you agree. Just that you read it with an open heart.” This beautiful and something we can all take into our lives, if we did there would not be the separation and wars that we see in the world today.

  8. Well before coming to The Way of The Livingness I had already felt what gluten, alcohol, drugs, dairy, sugar and late nights were doing to my body and had made the appropriate changes so I felt not imposed on in my body. I was finding I was getting bloated, lethargic, racy then dull, possessed and tired so this was not a new thing that Serge Benhayon was presenting to me, my own evolution was sharing with me what my body needed.

  9. Great teachers have been with us throughout the ages and it is often not until they have departed that what they brought is truly recognised and appreciated for what it is. They bring through a wisdom and intelligence that is on another level to that which is prevalent in society and they raise questions that exposes where everyone is at and threatens their comfort. Serge has come at this time because the state of humanity is dire and many won’t be ready to hear the truth he brings.

  10. Thank you for writing this blog, as you have expressed what I feel about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I have no desire to impose on other people my chosen way of living. I haven’t always lived in the way I do now, so I have a comparison if you like between the two ways of life. And since meeting Serge Benhayon and his family I have chosen to take far more care of myself as I came to realise that actually I was very dismissing of myself and led a very self harming way of life. As I grow to appreciate myself more I am much more able to lessen the self bashing and deepen the self care.
    Our stories need to be heard because it gives other people the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want to give up a life that actually doesn’t work, I know because I was caught up in it all trying to make it work. I now live a life that is much more steady and joyful because I am not constantly second guessing myself and the internally dialog of constant criticism has almost gone.

  11. I love that in the face of those who prefer to report sensationalism and misinterpretations rather than facts, that this website has been set up to allow people the chance to truly feel those that have committed to living and benefiting from the principles of Universal Medicine … and see that they are just genuine people with genuinely extraordinary stories worth hearing for they show the transformational power of living a simple and loving way, often against the norm.

  12. Presenting truth to a world that believes it knows truth but does not really is not an easy matter. And is not a risk-free one. Lots of people heavily invested in the status quo (even if they think they are not or even if they think they are revolutionary because they do not like aspects of the status quo). They do not like to be presented that there is a bigger truth. But there is one. The truth, moreover, works in our total favour. It will take a time for this to be discovered and accepted.

  13. I have just spent 4 days in a country where Religion is so powerful that is dictates to the population the rules of how they will live their everyday lives. So we could say they belong to a ‘cult’ I would say that if you asked the people on the street if they belonged to a ‘Religious cult’ they would say no they don’t. We could also say that all religions started off as ‘cults’ with self appointed leaders because religion had to start somewhere it didn’t just materialize out of thin air! So to me the word ‘cult’ is just another one of those many misused words that the media especially like to use to sell their newspapers because they can manipulate the word to stir up and excite peoples emotions.

  14. Gorgeous introduction of the mega beautiful website, which there are more related websites of, that represent the light shed on the truth and possibilities that Serge Benhayon has brought to earth by his teachings and lived ways. Hence, those who experienced like to contribute and give back their stories, so that it does not just stay for them and or relatives, but for the whole world to know, As in every experience needs to be shared and possibly inspire many from the angles we all come from. So it is good to know what it is that is being taught and presented by Serge Benhayon to see it being lived by people from all over the world, who are all sharing their part of their journey.

  15. I have always felt that no matter what a person has a right to express their views, maybe I feel this so strongly in my body because as a child I was not allowed to express what I felt, as children we were to be seen not heard. I also feel that people should be allowed to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations given by Serge Benhayon are of value to them or not. I believe what has been presented feels true to me. I also know that the way I live is not harming anyone. We can see throughout history how people have been imposed upon and it has never worked because there is something in the psyche of people that rebels against such repression. I don’t feel suppressed by the tenets of The way of The livingness I actually feel set free from the bonds of old ideologies that have been forced upon humanity.

  16. You hear comments like…only a true friend would be that honest….and I hear stories of people saying it was hard to hear but they are glad they did….but it is rare that we are that honest in life. When I read this about Serge Benhayon – “he doesn’t seem to measure or calculate what he says simply to deliver that which people will want to hear.” – I was struck by how much he holds us in true love and is a true friend by delivering what is to be said and what we need to hear, which can be at times what we don’t want to hear. A true friend he is.

    1. Truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow and when it is so simple and presented in a loving way as Serge Benhayon does this is surely a sign of a true friend. Thank you Sarah!

  17. Once you have been hurt, and we all have, there will be a natural mechanism to protect ourselves from raising this hurt. Truth is a great way of exposing our hurt. Truth does not pander and customly produce what we want to hear however, it must be expressed with love for it to be a truth – Truth and Love are One and the Same. Truth does not hurt for it is love. Truth exposes the falsetto of what we ‘think’ is a Truth when in fact it is not and it is a Belief we now invest in. A simple way to expose if truth is a belief you have invested in is to ask the question – Is it equal for All?

  18. I write on this page because I am interested in humanity and take my part in accountability where we are now AND where we will go. I write because I count – as everyone does. I write because I have something to share, as my life changed a lot from a depressive and very ill way to joyful, connected and healthier way. My development is a responsibility as well, as my choices may inspire others.

  19. One of the many things I appreciate about Serge Benhayon is his absolute dedication to speaking the truth. Sure some things are not easy to hear, but how else will I grow unless I hear what’s truly needed? What this has taught me is that love and truth are not separate things, even with that which is not necessarily easy to hear I always feel the love its delivered in, and the choice is always mine what to do with it. But, at least the truth is there for me to hear and consider. That is very refreshing.

  20. When I read this I had to laugh
    “The student becomes painted as the follower, the cult-worshipper – a mind-controlled drone of the master who has no freedom of expression.”
    Serge Benhayon encourages everyone to express in fact he actually says
    “Expression is everything”
    And I have attended many workshops based purely on ‘Expression’ these workshops have encouraged me and many like me to say what we really want to say and not hold back for fear of not being heard or because of anxiousness we work in small groups we are each individually given a topic to talk about for 5 minutes each usually topically to what is going on in the world. I work in sales and can honestly say that these workshops have helped me to build a confidence in myself. I used to be nervous giving presentations to others, now I can stand up in a room full of people and I am not at all nervous about speaking I am confident and this come across to the audience who can settle and listen. Because I’m settled they are settled no longer are they caught up in the anxiousness of my presentations. My whole approach to life has changed through the presentations and workshops of Serge Benhayon. I’m much more easy going, less defence my listening skills have increased. I have attended many sales oriented sales courses and have come away with no tools in my tool box that I could or want to apply to increase sales and build relationships with my customers. Funnily enough all this has naturally happened by attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon, there is no trying, pushing, coaxing oddly enough there is no learning involved it is a re-turning to something I all ready know deep within me and Serge has supported me and thousands like me to reconnect to what I all ready innately know.

  21. What I have learned from Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine presentations is how super important it is to take full responsibility for all my choice. Since doing this, to the best of my ability, my life has become more joyful and I feel more vital than I did ten years ago. I know from my own experiences that the Ancient Wisdom Teachings are a great support in meeting the challenges of everyday life, we would be literally lost without these teachings.

  22. I have not anywhere else experienced the insight and wisdom offered by Universal Medicine. The teachings of Serge Benhayon have transformed many lives and families to now be living with more joy and in much better health.

    1. So true Katie I also feel that my life and relationships have reached a level that is so inspiring for me as I was so lost and my level of joy is forever deepening as I become more aware.

  23. Beautifully said, we are not asking anyone to agree here, we are just sharing our experiences so that it is available amongst the lies going around out there. It is confronting to take responsibility for your choices, and some are ready and some are not, and thats just fine. No two students are alike and all are free to discern and see what works for them or not as they feel to.

  24. Yes indeed this blog site is testament to a quality of life arrived at and enjoyed at least in part because of presentations by Serge Benhayon from Universal Medicine. That quality comes from presence of body in most of daily life and the understanding that there is an innate wisdom that comes through our bodies. Serge Benhayon has been presenting this for many years and it is the cyber abuse conducted by a small band of media savvy detractors that highlight how empowering it is to live from that body intelligence and how threatening it is to those utterly relying on and lost only in a disconnected intelligence of the mind.

  25. As stated the blogs written about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness on this and other websites are not to argue or prove something but, “We write because through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and because of our own choices and commitments, we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing.” In this time of crisis in the world what we have to share offers an alternative harmonious and loving way to live that exposes the cause(s) of the present and historical path of suffering and destruction.

  26. it is interesting that changing your life-style to the extent it is done by esoteric students is only considered possible if there is no free will or some kind of forced situation. This arises from a society where many try really hard to change their habits but often give up because they do not succeed. So the question arises why these people attending workshops with Serge Benhayon are so successful? This is a question worth asking and worth studying if looking for a true answer where this success is coming from. To dismiss it and putting it into the ‘cult’ basket really is sticking your head in the sand not wanting to see what is going on.

  27. “We share a commonality in that the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon have resonated with us and inspired us in one way or another.” This is so true, there is nothing that Serge Benhayon asks me to believe in, what is presented is felt with every cell of my body. I may resist, but at the end of the day truth is known, and it is my choice to stay with what I know to be true or turn my back and walk the other way. For me there is only one choice and each day I am learning more what this means. As Sara Harris says it is all about responsibility and it is this that we don’t like to hear and why there is so much resistance to what is presented.

  28. Serge’s teachings are about responsibility. If I didn’t live with the level of responsibility I know now, my life would be in complete disarray, even if it seemingly looked good from the outside. Our choices not only affect your own bodies but everything and everyone around us. So being aware of this and choosing wisely, for me, is now the only way to live.

  29. “Serge Benhayon’s teachings impress upon the student or observer the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)” For many this level of responsibility is too great as it means that one has to take and face the consequences for choices and actions one has made that would be very painful to deal with. However, because this is so exposing their only resort is to attack with lies those who do choose to endeavour to live this level of responsibility.

  30. When someone brings truth to humanity there will be some that resist and that’s expected. The majority is however screaming out for a true way forward and that Serge Benhayon presents with ease. That’s why people always wants to ask him questions at events and presentations.

  31. It’s important that we tell our stories and share our lives in this fashion for the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom make a huge difference to the quality of our lives, when we live them. It’s not to convert or to tell people what to do at all, but simply share what it’s like to make completely different choices and what this brings. I have to say that I have a greater respect and understanding now of the choices we make and understand that we all need to reach this ourselves and no amount of being told what do do will ever get us to this point. We do need to do this for ourselves.

  32. A most unimposing read, written from the foundation of an esoteric student who makes the tenet of being unimposing on the world and others a central tenet of their life – without perfection of course, and neither in a way that does not call out the truth of all things when the call arises. Thank you.

  33. “This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine. It is one of the central tenets of the Esoteric work as taught by Serge Benhayon, and many of us share the same view, that each person should have the right to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations to be of truth and value or not.” This basic tenet of ‘discerning for oneself what is true’ is a cornerstone of all that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and when adopted as a foundation in one’s living it is truly liberating for oneself and others.

  34. Two and a half years from the inception of this site and the commitment to writing, living and expressing of how we feel on the subject of Serge Benhayon has not abated. We started as a small spring but as we move forward our banks continue to widen. We are forever moving forward and growing everyday.

  35. It is a great point made here that Serge Benhayon has never held back from speaking his mind. No pandering, in particular to students but no treating of anyone differently and such integrity and consistency, when combined with the fact that Serge never speaks about anything he does not experience for himself and has tried and tested, becomes too much to fathom for some people, even to the point where they have to make up lies and throw abuse to see if any sticks. Well none has stuck now for over three years since a tirade of abuse by two or three desperate people with internet savvy and there is no greater proof that Serge is the real deal than that.

  36. Serge Benhayon is bringing truth and honesty to humanity and in this truth, the unloving way we are all living and the disease and sickness resulting from this is exposed. It is no wonder some do not like this exposure but there are also others who love it as it is inspiring them to live the love we truly are fully in all our expression with integrity and joy.

  37. “Resoundingly Serge Benhayon’s teachings impress upon the student or observer the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)” This is so true and the more I take responsibility for my life and everything I do and say the more I am able to say with a resounding yes that this is absolutely true. Thank you Serge for not wavering under the pressure of those that are not willing to take responsibility in their lives and instead choose to attack and hound you for bringing a true and more honest way of living.

  38. Coming from atheistic background for me religion and cult are the same. I would never consider to be religious in a common meaning of the word as well as being in cult.
    Universal Medicine is true religion. I don’t really care if some people call it cult. What is presented by Serge Benhayon is true way of living. And I will be the student and learn it to the best of my ability.

  39. I absolutely agree that it is imperative for our voices and stories to be heard… for people to express their truth in light of the many mistruths told elsewhere about Universal Medicine and the students within. It is a deeply appreciated initiative that will inspire many.

    1. I agree Samantha it’s very important for our stories to be heard for the purpose of introducing others to a true and evolutionary way of living.

  40. ” If a cup of tea can warm the hands on a winter’s day, loving words can heal the whole person given the right time and place.” That is so lovely, Sam. For many this may not be the right time to heal but the words of these blogs will be here, always available and will be read in the right time.

  41. The Student Body who are dedicated to the Work of Livingness as so visibly exemplified by the expansive work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are truly a remarkable community of men and women. No where in my lifetime of observations in people of different races, culture and languages exists those who represent the different fabric of our humanity, and yet able to express what truly matters for a human being so he or she can truly live the truth of their body freed from the shackles of illusion that otherwise imprisons the mind over a lifetime.

    Their blogs are collectively a true example of the reawakening words that may likely speak their volumes for many centuries because they deeply inspire us for men, women, children, families, relationships, work of every sort, Medicine and Healing for the future generations.

    A handful of those who may be vocally critical of the Student Body and Serge Benhayon are yet to see that love is the ultimate connection that all people share no matter where, how and why they ended up in their individuals circumstances of life. Love is inevitable, so is the truth that is lived by all who are students of love that continues to expand and deepen on a daily basis. If a cup of tea can warm the hands on a winter’s day, loving words can heal the whole person given the right time and place.

  42. To write without imposition is a rare thing indeed, but a central tenet of those who follow the path laid down by Universal Medicine. Does this mean that students of Universal Medicine always get it right. Absolutely not. Life is all about learning, and thus why those who align to the philosophy of Universal Medicine call themselves forever students.

  43. Thank you to all the Universal Medicine students who contribute to this blog, I love reading these articles and accounts that describe joyful lives now being lived because of changes made to one’s way of living. I know for sure that if I had not met Serge Benhayon that I would still be blind to the fact that I am a being of love, as is everyone, and self-loving choices in my day-to-day bring that loving awareness into all that I do. Serge Benhayon presents, I listen, then I choose to make self-nurturing changes or not, never is or has there been any order or directive, simply an allowance to make a different choice.

  44. It seems too good to be true in our world today to offer something that truly benefits peoples lives for the better and not only in subtle lifestyle changes, but massive energetic changes throughout their interactions, and daily way of living. It has to be a cult! But while this can be said from the point of view of how hundreds of cults in our past have actually promised a ‘true’ way and actually delivered the exact opposite, and what Serge is sharing is asking greater responsibility and love in our lives which many may resist, let it not taint the truth that is there before us which is a man truly offering a way for humanity to see beyond its turmoil and muck to the truth and beauty that remains innately there in us all.

  45. It is such a blessing that Serge Benhayon is with us and that he continues telling the truth about the lives we live compared to where we could have been if we would have chosen otherwise. He points us to a personal responsibility we have to develop about our lives, to a level we have never been told before. Although this is challenging at some times but to take on this responsibility to the best of my ability already gives me a life where the love that resides in me gets space to radiate through my being and is in everything that I do. This is a way of life that wants to be shared with whoever is looking for it. Thank you for initiating this blog site, as this will be a place that will hold the expression of the developing students in a well documented way.

  46. What’s interesting is that many religions do tell people how to live and prescribe certain choices as essential to belonging. However none of these religions are called a cult. Could it be that the word “cult” may at times be used to belittle any new or different emerging religions? “Cult” is colloquially a poorly defined and highly emotive word designed to scare and conjure up panic. Perhaps we should be more scared by what we now accept as the “norm” (drug use, obesity, global ill health, domestic violence et al) and actually seek to learn from new things because what is currently going on in society is nothing short of disastrous. What we have now is not working.

    1. That’s a good point Melinda, a lot of religions (in fact not just religions but such things as being in a certain club/hobby or from a certain part of the world) have a dictated way of how to live one’s life. With Universal Medicine there is none of that, if anything copying lifestyles is advised against as each person is to feel their own way for themselves. Only presentations on what is healthy from an energetic point of view and that when the energy of our choices is ‘healthy’ or from love/fire that trickles down into the various aspects we call life. One is dictating and demanding of others to follow and is not questioned, the other allows all to freely choose how they choose to live and is being attacked and dubbed as the dictating one – what?

      1. Yes, Leigh, it is a strange irony that the one, The Way Of The Livingness, that advocates the individual to discern for themselves what is True is the one that is attacked. Could it be that if those that are dictated to were to do the same then those organisations would no longer have followers?

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