Words from the Student Body about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

by UniMed Student Writers

This site is intended for students who study with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to write about and share their experiences of Serge Benhayon and his work as a presenter, author and practitioner of Esoteric Medicine. It was started by a group of students who felt that their experiences were either not being documented or were being at times mis-represented online and in the media.

This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine. It is one of the central tenets of the Esoteric work as taught by Serge Benhayon, and many of us share the same view, that each person should have the right to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations to be of truth and value or not. It is not for us or anyone else to impose our views or chosen ways of living, on another. Having said that, it has recently become apparent that it is imperative that our voices and stories be present on the Internet lest the only source of information about us be that which originates from third parties.

There will be many people from many professions and walks of life whose contributions will be shared here. Among us are doctors and lawyers, cleaners, accountants, waiters, teachers and builders. We are normal everyday people with varied backgrounds and experiences. We share a commonality in that the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon have resonated with us and inspired us in one way or another.

Despite recent criticisms leveled at Universal Medicine that it is a “cult”, we are not writing here to make sure our name isn’t muddied, or because we fear for the reputation of our so-called ‘cult leader’ or guru. We write because through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and because of our own choices and commitments, we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing. Our stories are often inspiring, and the connections we enjoy with each other and with our many friends who have no interest in the Esoteric (and who are respected for that), are many and varied. We are not unaware that everything we do can easily be viewed through cult-coloured glasses. Yes, most of us don’t drink or smoke, yes, we eat similar carb-light diets, although many in the student body do not. Yes, many of us listen to the same student-produced music – although there are many among us who find it not to their taste at all and aren’t afraid to say so.

Once accusations of ‘cult’ and ‘cult leader’ start to be thrown about, any discussion of that person or group is necessarily going to be approached with high levels of caution by the casual observer, making a considered discussion difficult. The student becomes painted as the follower, the cult-worshipper – a mind-controlled drone of the master who has no freedom of expression. To state it categorically, Serge Benhayon does not run a cult and is not a cult leader. He runs workshops for paying participants who do make varying degrees of changes to their health and well-being as a result of attending. When and if these changes are made, it can be difficult to accept that it is by free-will that a person has chosen a particular way of living, especially if that chosen way, by virtue of its contrast, might challenge another’s chosen behaviours and way of living. But we will leave that for the reader to feel for themselves. We can only trust that our words and experiences might be felt and considered free from a pre-decided position as is often the case on other online forums, especially, but not limited to, the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum.

Serge Benhayon – a brief history from a student’s perspective

Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine, which began in 2000. He is a practitioner whose Esoteric Medicine practice has actively worked in unison and in complement to Western Medicine for a number of years. Serge Benhayon also runs workshops and retreats that allow participants to experience true care and rejuvenation in their daily living routine. Resoundingly, the courses and retreats present the possibility that we can claim a deep care and responsibility for our daily choices and actions in very practical ways. Should the participant choose it, this awareness is then taken into their daily living. Many hundreds have benefited from the teachings to date. While none of the teachings are prescriptive, the benefits of certain ways of living are presented for those who participate to choose for themselves whether the teachings are of benefit to them or not.

The teachings are at times unconventional insofar as they do break with what are considered everyday accepted habits of the human being. Some examples of the teachings presented below:

  • The most rejuvenating sleep is between 9pm and 3am (proponents of his work go to bed at 9pm and rarely later).
  • The consumption of gluten is responsible for a dulling effect on people on an energetic as well as physical level (the latter is also and in more recent times becoming widely well-documented by scientific studies).
  • Alcohol and ‘recreational’ drug-use is born of a desire to numb oneself or distract oneself from dealing with their core issues and or for ‘dutch-courage’ in social situations – but if a true joy is known and connected to in the person then the need to alter one’s state by way of ingested substances ceases.
  • Alcohol consumption is often triggered by exhaustion — as its high sugar content is a key factor in the want to consume it at the ‘end of a hard day’.

Of late some of Serge’s teachings have come under heavy criticism, this is not surprising as the presentations are necessarily confronting to a human society that is living less than a harmonious and joyful way of being. The presentations are often challenging on many levels. For instance, certainly people are much more likely to want to hear that ‘red wine is good for them’ rather than to hear that it is in fact a poison to the body and at the energetic level very harming. Interestingly, Serge has never told anyone not to drink alcohol, rather he has presented the energetic consequences as he knows them to be. This puts a lot of people off-side, but then, both students and critics alike have observed that he doesn’t seem to measure or calculate what he says simply to deliver that which people will want to hear.

Resoundingly Serge Benhayon’s teachings impress upon the student or observer the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)

In the following posts, what we write, we will write for everybody. Feel it, view it, reject it, rejoice in it as you see fit. We don’t ask that you agree. Just that you read it with an open heart.

Stay tuned.


There is much more to come.



494 thoughts on “Words from the Student Body about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

  1. We have had our wake up call, that was presented by Serge Benhayon he has been the alarm clock that has allowed us to awake and find what we thought we had lost or did not remember we had. We live in a way that feels right in our bodies. If others have not yet chosen to look at the same possibilities that are also within them does not given them the right to criticize us. We should on one hand thank them for their criticism which has allowed us to stand up, and as Anna has said; “gives the general public an opportunity to hear the truth and discern what feels true for them about Universal Medicine.”

  2. This is a powerfull and important blog about this website and it is still relevant today as when it was written over 3 years ago. This site and many others have offered a space to students to express their truth about their own experiences with Universal Medicine after falsely being labelled ‘brainwashed cult members’. This also gives the general public an opportunity to hear the truth and discern what feels true for them about Universal Medicine.

  3. Such an awesome introduction to what this website is all about, expressing the experiences and truths of many who have benefited from reclaiming their health and vitality after being inspired by the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Thank you all for sharing your insights I am daily inspired by the truth in which you now choose to live.

  4. “We are not unaware that everything we do can easily be viewed through cult-coloured glasses.” This is the phrase for me. The fact that this can happen reflects two things: people have experienced real hurts when joining groups and there is apprehension about this group being one of them. This is a legitimate apprehension. From there, whatever decision about giving Universal Medicine a go or not is just fine. Regarding this, what we can do is to present the fact that Universal Medicine does not add hurts; it helps to really deal with your hurts. This is a huge and significant difference. The other thing to mention is that the fact that Universal Medicine is by far not a cult makes clear that the cult thing is part of the lens through which someone looks at Universal Medicine. The cult belongs in someone else’s eyes and not in Universal Medicine. This is also huge.

  5. Although this article was written 3 years ago it is as pertinent today as when it was first written and the blogs on the website are vibrant and inspiring to read.

  6. It is a gift to have all these stories and experiences captured here on this website, be it the blogs themselves or the many comments they entail. This is a platform to grow and evolve together.

  7. We have a voice and a lived experience to share of how our lives have changed so much, since being introduced to Serge and Universal Medicine. The simple truths of taking responsibility for my choices, bringing self care and self love into my way of living, and sharing this way with others, have brought with it a more joyful and vital way of being.

  8. From the first time I went to a Universal Medicine workshop I knew that it just made sense. I came from a place of wanting to know the Truth and this is what I found. Serge Benhayon presents all there is to understand about the life that we live, and this can challenge our view of normal that we have held for a long time. Thank goodness there is someone who stands for Truth and doesn’t hold back – for society has much to relearn.

  9. From the age of 13 I chose to treat my body in ways that was not only dishonouring but for the most part cruel and abusive. Apart from occasional bouts of ‘time off’ lasting 2 – 3 months at most, this continued for 25 years, and almost without question by those who cared for me – as it was ‘normal’, yet all the while knowing full well this was not the way to be living or more aptly – existing. It has only been through the unwavering consistency of support I found in Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I finally began to make different choices for myself. Choices founded on loving me, rather than punishing me on every level. For this to raise reaction for people who don’t know me, goes to show just what I big call it is. It is more expected to treat ourselves badly than it is not – is that not what deserves investigation?

  10. All that is needed is an open heart. We have spent so much of our lives in protection, trying desperately not to get hurt again, but through the work of Universal Medicine, we can heal our hurts and open our hearts once again to experience each other from a non-judgemental and very loving foundation. There is nothing more beautiful than being truly met by someone who is just themselves, no guards, no measuring, just holding you equally with them.

  11. I am one of those people who has experienced changes in their life that are definitely worth sharing… and celebrating “…we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing…” This blog site and others like it are necessary to consider what has has been said, its not about trying to prove anything or persuade, it is just about countering what is not true and sharing another perspective.

  12. It is interesting to read back on this post a couple of years later, for it still stands true to this day what is written. Hundreds of blogs later, and people are still writing about the various ways in which their lives have changed. The Way of the Livingness is a religion. It is a religion that incorporates all of life and does not see one aspect of life as any more or less important than the next. It is a religion that does not seek to convert, not does it seek to provide dogmatic principles for all to follow. Its flavour is unique to every individual, and in that way it is the most personal of religions, even though its underlying tenet is one of brotherhood.

  13. Something occurred to me reading this very simple presentation of who Serge Benhayon is and what he teaches….if he were a “cult leader” as purported, he would selling a far more seductive message, to tantalise and lure people in. The energetic truth that Serge shares is far from seductive. It is pretty much a wake up call about every single aspect of life….Zero lure, zero tantalisation. He teaches the responsibility he lives, and expects no one to comply with it. That people then make similar choices is a reflection of just how inspiring he is. Let’s be honest, he is fit, glowingly healthy, vital, has a lot of friends, and lives an amazing life. Quite a lot of people, having observed this man over time, have come to the conclusion that how he lives really works. Thank you, all the proof I need is there, backed by the way my life has changed since making my own choices based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

  14. If I had only listened to what I wanted to hear and not heard what was needed for me …
    NO way would I be living.

  15. This is a really beautiful write up on the purpose of this site. Having attended a number of Universal Medicine workshops and integrated some of the teachings into my life, the life I live now as opposed to ten years ago is so much more content. I am much more confident, outspoken and open with people than I was back then. I really enjoy reading the blogs on this site. They always remind and inspire me to continue committing to what I feel in my heart is true.

  16. I completely agree Brendan we need people like Serge to show that there is a different way to the one that is at present the most dominant and is not working. A way of life that, “can be consistently joy-full and loving, and that the best part is that feeling like this is actually natural.”

  17. Everybody is continually being steered back to who we are in truth. The whole of life is geared up so that it can be used to find our way home. It does not matter how long we take, how much we resist, we shall all eventually end up back where we started. Serge Benhayon has arrived home and simply presents to us that home is still there and that there is a way of getting back that makes the journey a little less hazardous. He has no investment what so ever in whether or not we believe him or indeed how we choose to get there.

  18. I have certainly never felt ‘brain washed’ by Serge Benhayon, but would say that when I first read his books there were many ‘Aha’ moments which for me was a connection to things I had previously pondered on. I found it freed me up to look more deeply within as up until this time I had kept so many of these thoughts to myself, and it felt freeing to know that I was not alone any more. That there were other people in the world who had also been pondering!

  19. Having a clear and open site that shows the experiences of hundreds if not thousands of people in complete contrast to the nasty accusations about Universal Medicine by only a hand full of people is an inspiration in itself. It shows there is a way to deal with abusive behaviour without retaliation, ignoring or stooping to the same level as the abuser.

  20. As we each live inspired by Serge Benhayon’s presentations, the love we build into our lives is unmistakeable to those around us, as is the vitality of our health, and the sparkle of joy in our eye that comes from living connected to self free from past hurts. This is a living document of truth for each person we encounter, this truth is much greater than the lies that have been written, as people can feel and see for themselves that which is true.

  21. “Resoundingly, the courses and retreats present the possibility that we can claim a deep care and responsibility for our daily choices and actions in very practical ways”….so true and recently I have become aware of how many choices I actually have to make throughout the day….trillions i reckon! Well maybe more like 86,4000 as that is how many seconds there are per day and every second of the day, we make choices about our lives. Universal Medicine has really presented this to me and the power and freedom that comes in. Gosh I am so glad I decided to do their courses, it has been an amazing life-changer for me – and I know I am not alone in saying that!

  22. ‘it has recently become apparent that it is imperative that our voices and stories be present on the Internet lest the only source of information about us be that which originates from third parties.’
    Here here, still relevant today!

  23. Thank you for providing a forum for us to share our experiences of what has been presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The beauty of what is written in these blogs is that it is real. It is the lived experience of many people. This is not some theory about some utopian way of life. This is real world lived experience with amazing changes and revelations in people’s lives.

    1. This is so true Lee. Having spent many years in the New Age Spiritual illusion believing it was real it was a life changing paradigm to experience Universal Medicine and discover the true reality and not a theory. As you say these blogs are the real experiences of so many people.

    2. Exactly Lee, the student blogs are real stories from people from all walks of life all around the world – who have discovered so much about themselves and how loving we can live our lives. So that everyone may benefit, we have chosen to share these stories with the world. These blogs are encouraging, heart warming and truthful.

  24. Thanks everyone for putting this together to let the public know who we are and why we live the way we do. I can tell you for sure that if Serge Benhayon were a cult leader running a cult, they would not see me for dust! For anyone to attach the ‘cult’ label to a group who makes healthy choices seems really bizarre to me, except that the name-callers must be trying to justify their own UNhealthy choices by criticizing anyone whose choices show them up. And to single out Serge Benhayon does not make sense. For example, hang out at any gym, fitness centre, health shop, sports field, and you’ll see groups of people taking on particular regimes of eating, exercising, sleeping, music, language, the whole bit, usually inspired and guided by a key founding person. Yet they are not called cults. Here’s an awesome contrast for you: I once attended a full day workshop with 400 other affiliates of a nutrition company. In the next conference room were about the same number of attendees at a drug company workshop. Morning tea was an epiphany! The nutrition 400 poured out smiling and communicating with each other, to a spring water station, herbal teas and a delectable spread of fresh fruit, vegetables and hors d’oevres. About 4 people went outside to smoke a cigarette. In contrast the drug company 400 poured out looking stressed and scowling, to a coffee urn, soft drinks and a (to me nauseating) spread of sticky, creamy buns and biscuits, chocolate, fatty and salty unhealthy foods, and more than half of the 400 took off outside to smoke cigarettes. Were these two groups actually two cults side by side? Were the healthy group a cult and the unhealty group normal? No, in truth they were just two ‘special interest’ groups who make different choices in their way of living.

    1. Definitely Dianne, our choices in life are up to each individual. Serge Benhayon’s inspiration has simply placed truth about energy in the mix and how the Students of The Livingness are now sharing that truth to inspire others. Did I forget to say that we can all choose an energy of love, love that has a divine purpose and truth.

  25. I have found Serge Benhayon to be at times challenging and as you say “Of late some of Serge’s teachings have come under heavy criticism, this is not surprising as the presentations are necessarily confronting to a human society that is living less than a harmonious and joyful way of being.” However I have felt for myself and I have always felt the truth of what is there even if it has been uncomfortable. The teaching may not be for everyone at this time and that is fine. However the issue of misinterpretation and attack is not okay and it is important that there are some places on the internet that speak the truth of what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon share with humanity.

  26. Beautifully expressed words about Serge Benhayon. True, some of his words are a ‘shock’ or ‘jolt’ to our often preferred way of living, but, if openness is at play and we are honest with ourselves about what is going on for us, then we can consider these ‘words’ and act on them.

  27. Once you start doing the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there is no going back to the way you were living, as you simply don’t want to. You can feel that is real…. for me there is no doubt. It all makes so much sense. You start to truly live life and not just exist, I have so much appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and will share that with the world.

  28. Top post and well worth a second read.
    I have never followed anyone as I have always done what I want even if I get it wrong. Serge Benhayon teachings make sense and so I give them a go and do what I like in the end.
    However, over time I realised that harming my body hurts me first and then all those around me are affected so it had to stop.
    I now live a life of True Responsibility which is a life of True Consistency.
    I know that my choices affects everything and everyone and by taking responsibility I am doing my part to not harm me, others or our planet.
    The work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have allowed me to offer my services to the community in a way that I never even dreamt was possible. Many many people who don’t even know of Serge Benhayon are receiving his teachings through people like me.

  29. Here are a list of some of the things that has changed in my life since I came to the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon:
    My food intake, which consisted of many foods that ‘I ALREADY KNEW’ weren’t good for me, but didn’t want to change, like, alcohol, wheat (gluten), sugar, dairy caffeine.
    I used to weigh over 27 stone…I now weigh just over 15 stone.
    My confidence in myself has increased considerably.
    My self worth has increased.
    My appreciation of myself and what I bring has increased.
    My acceptance of who I am has increased.
    My acceptance of others and who they are has increased.
    When I sleep I now get a better quality and feel much more rejuvenated when I wake up.
    I don’t do excessive workouts at the gym.
    I don’t push myself to work if my body is tired.
    I am much more gentle in everything I do.
    I express how I am feeling so much more.
    I take responsibility and accountability for all my choices.
    My health, wellbeing and vitality have increased.

    As I said, these are only some of the changes I have made in my life and they have all come about because of the inspirational presentations by Serge Benhayon.
    If anyone considers that this is a cult, then maybe the whole world could do with joining!!

    1. Thank you Tim, I agree the whole world will one day through free choice join what Serge Benhayon has started! It is now up to the Students of The Livingness.

    2. Ha Ha Tim love your last line, and love the list of changes like you say it is just the tip of the iceberg for the real depth of change is inside you when you’re connected to the divine source! It’s curious that the world would rather slay us than join us… something to do with not wanting to change from eating and drinking what ever we want me thinks! If I was in charge of a country I would definitely want to know how we have been inspired to make changes, lasting changes to all areas of our lives increasing overall well being therefore reducing the cost on public services.

  30. Becoming involved in Universal Medicine has completely changed my life. My lifestyle choices are now ones that support me in a positive and loving way. I therefore feel more vital and a sense of joy I could only dream about before. Waking up with a sense of exuberance about life, even during tough times is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Serge Benhayon and all your family for all the love and light you bring to the world.

  31. I like the responsibility in Serge Benhayon’s quote: “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. It actually supports me in my daily choices. Instead of it being a burden.

    1. This is a really profoundly simple comment and absolutely shifts responsibility from a burden to joy-filled endless opportunities. To lead by simply living truth – there are no followers only those that connect and accept that this is their way too.

  32. I agree the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have always been presented as something that one is free to choose or not.
    There are no ‘have to do’s’, it is definitely not a cult and Serge Benhayon is not a Guru, I say this with absolute authority, having once been part of a cult for most of my life.

  33. Having now known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I can ‘hand on heart’ say that this is a very clear, honest and truthful description of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  34. I applaud the UM Student Writers for what they have outlined here and most importantly that this is not to convince or persuade anyone. It is merely a great testimonial of what has been presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine; priceless wisdom that does call for us to truly look inside ourselves, a deeper honesty than we have been used to living with and if so inspired, making simple but also grand changes in our lives to live with the joy we all want, deserve and in fact are.

  35. I see so many students changing over the years I have known them. The change is in the quality of their bodies, voices, expression, and the way they live their lives, and the quality is gentle and clear and light. This comes about through a true commitment to themselves, and the responsibility they take for their choices every day. It would not be possible for this kind of change to occur if they were being mind controlled or belonged to a cult. People may feel that this quality is uniform and thus suspect cult activity, but actually every student follows their own path in their own way and at their own pace, and certainly are not clones but the very opposite, living life and expressing the truth of themselves in the world. This comes from the teachings of Serge Benhayon that we all need to discern the truth for ourselves.

  36. This is such a practical and easy to understand description of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and why people can sometimes get put off side by the teachings. I particularly love this part “he doesn’t seem to measure or calculate what he says simply to deliver that which people will want to hear.” There’s not many presenters or people in general that don’t change what they say as a way to keep people ‘happy’ or please others. Most people don’t always say what they deep down feel and know out of fear of how people will react. I Know the Words of Serge Benhayon will go down in history, and Serge will forever be known as a true world leader. It just may take time for people to be willing to accept this, in fact maybe one hundred years.

    1. Great point Danielle it is really very rare that people can say what is needed to be said without softening or sweetening the delivery in order to not get a reaction or anything, Serge in no way does this and as much as it is refreshing it is also challenging! I, like you, know him to be a true teacher.

  37. “We write because through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and because of our own choices and commitments, we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing.” – Absolutely, there is no agenda here other than giving people the opportunity to read the truth about Universal Medicine and the profound transformations that many people have experienced in their everyday lives with the support they’ve been offered.

    1. When I reflect on the many many changes in my life, since attending Universal Medicine workshops and having esoteric healing sessions I marvel at what has occurred. There have been so many changes, many that I’d even forgotten about until I take the time to write them down. It blows me away every time.

  38. To witness so many transformations amongst Universal Medicine students, myself included, is nothing short of miraculous. We freely chose to make changes to our lives that are beneficial and now reap the rewards. The beauty is that we affect not only ourselves but those we come across, and so inspire each other – and humanity – to know that there is a different way.

    1. Very true Sue this is where the proof is in the pudding so to speak : ) – the before and after shots are just incredible and evidence that there is another way to live.

  39. I agree with your words David – no longer can we, the student body be not responding to nor expressing that which we know from our personal experience is certainly not the truth.

  40. On the path I had at one stage in my life chosen to walk, there was no doubt in my mind that I would have ended up severely ill. I met Serge Benhayon over 10 years ago now and through the wisdom about self love he imparted to me I now live a life where I now know my life will not end up in the severity of illness. Serge is an amazing friend and mentor and I for one am glad that we have met in this lifetime.

    1. Yes, I too, would be in a very different place if it was not for Serge Benhayon and it would not have been a happy one. He is the true friend and it is a blessing to have met him in this lifetime.

  41. Serge Benhayon is truly a very open person. The words that come from his mouth are about truth and love. He has no hidden agenda, and we are blessed to have someone in our lives like Serge, and Universal Medicine.

    1. Absolutely Mike, in our sophisticated modern world where deception and ‘hidden agendas’ seem to be the norm, Serge is truly a breath of fresh air!

    2. So correct Mike. I have never before encountered anyone with the same level of integrity and openness. He is a role model for all men that is the greatest inspiration of a loving, tender, committed and successful man that we can aspire to.

  42. My life has changed immensely since I first chose to attend Heart Chakra 1 workshop where I met Serge Benhayon. At that time I was in search for something. I felt that there was more to what life, as I knew it, was offering. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I knew that I would know what is was when I found it. Interestingly enough what I discovered was, what I was in fact searching for was with me all along; my connection to my inner-heart, to my Love, my Soul, to me. From this point of realisation and connection, is where my life truly began to change. I now had marker, with me 24/7, that could guide me to what was and is truth and love in my life. All I had to do was connect to this. I no longer needed to search for truth or love of for someone to tell me what truth or love was. What Serge presented, with the utmost integrity, care and love through his lived experience, for me was the opportunity to choose to feel who I was from a place within my heart. How much more truth and love does one need? And from here I am able to live from what feels true, what feels loving and what feels supportive to me. And as a result I live a life of increased joy and vitality. I am constantly refining my way as I deepen my connection to my Love and Truth. This is a journey I cherish as I have learnt so much already as I continue to choose to return to more of the Truth and Love that awaits. I am constantly inspired and deeply grateful for the Love and care that Serge Benhayon holds for us all, equally so.

    1. I agree Carola, it surely is one of the most attractive aspects of the teaching, that we each contain within us, everything that’s needed.

      1. It is the most empowering of things shared, the fact of the crazy games we play to avoid that ‘knowing’ is quite something to behold. Yet with the patience of a saint Serge says the same thing in a different way to support us to unbind ourselves and be free to be the love we always were!

    2. I agree Carola it is from my involvement with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have been able to honour the feelings that I have always had and made loving choices for myself for the first time in a very long time.

  43. Great blog, outlining the fundamental tenets behind Universal Medicine’s teachings – truth, discernment, self-care, responsibility for our choices. The truth behind how we’ve chosen to live life may hurt momentarily, but very quickly it actually starts to heal, if we choose to heed it.

  44. Daily on the internet there are new studies & reports on the harmful effects of alcohol & drugs, the allergies & digestive issues caused by gluten, the detrimental health effects of obesity, then benefits of good sleep patterns. Most people read the evidence & agree that there would be true benefits to making changes in their lives. Along comes a man (Serge Benhayon) who is very dedicated to health, love and humanity. He makes these positive changes in his life, shares them with others who also choose to make changes, which result in a much more vital & joyful life. Suddenly these people are reported as being in a ‘cult’, they must be brain-washed??? It appears the journalists are reporting the wrong story here.

    1. It seems the journalists in question just lazily pigeon-hole everybody according to their own jaundiced view of the world. When somebody unique comes along like Serge, they are completely bamboozled, and reach for the easiest and closest label to hand, in their rather small box of labels, to attach to him.

  45. ‘the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)’
    Exactly what is written above is my feeling why people react to what Serge presents. There is so much comfort we want to hold on to. Being responsible for every single choice we make gives a whole new perspective to our behaviours and if you feel the truth of it also means changing things in your life. I love Serge his open, no nonsense, never holding back presenting full of love and always respecting where each human being is. I love how equal in love he holds everyone and the inspiration he offers me to connect to my soul and inner knowing.

    1. I feel you are spot on here Monika as to why some people react to Serge because the self-responsibility for one’s life feels too great for them. Similarly as to why so many people love Serge and are loved by him because he treats everybody equally with the same love and integrity.

    2. I love this Monica. Each time I take responsibility for my life there is more wisdom, understanding and a deeper connection with our Soul. Each day I feel it I marvel at the great wisdom within me that is within everybody. All inspired by one man – Serge Benhayon.

  46. The truth is that what Serge Benhayon presents without any need or agenda is simply responsibility. The question is, who is and who is not ready to take it in full – and the beauty is that either way, from where Serge stands, there is no judgement.

    1. Serge Benhayon lives all that is shared and presented, there is absolutely no question about that. The love that he has for all humanity is like that of no other, he is selfless in all that he brings and it is an honour and a blessing to have him in my life not only as an inspiration and role model but a dear friend.
      I thank him for all that he is, brings and shares for all humanity equally so.

  47. One of the many things I love about Serge is that he says things as they are. I can understand that many people do not want such plain-speaking honesty in their lives – an honesty which simply speaks the truth, regardless of whether or not you will like it – because it will bring things to their attention which they do not want to hear (that alcohol is far more damaging to the body and to our quality of life than conventional medicine is currently telling us it is, for example); but for me, I value such plain-speaking very, very highly, and Serge is amongst the only people I come into contact with who presents me with the Truth AS IT IS like this, without ‘measuring’ the amount of Truth which he thinks I can handle. And I know that many others value this in Serge very highly too.

    1. Well said, Conor. I absolutely agree with you. There have been times when I was ‘squirming in my seat’ at some of the things Serge said, but the squirming only comes from knowing within myself that what he says is true and I’ve been neglecting aspects of my health and life. That I’ve been not wanting to see particular things and keeping them buried or denying them to myself. The small period of discomfort in hearing them is nothing compared with the forever-after lightness of having them revealed and dealing with them, so they are no longer hanging around in me like unseen burdens. Like any healing: its painful to have lumps cut out, stitches removed, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, etc, but so much better after the sickness is out.

      1. Great Analogy with the illness and disease Dianne, and ‘hanging around in me like unseen burdens’ seems to sum up beautifully those hurts that we have yet to deal with.

      2. Yes I love this analogy Dianne better out than in! Recently having lots of tummy trouble I always feels better when its cleared.

      3. Yes Dianne, I am with you all the way here. I too have felt the discomfort in nominating where and when I have been dishonest with myself – where I have been less than truly loving. Living for days, weeks, years with this stuff buried and un-admitted to does not make it go away. It hangs around making me feel heavy and burdened and in a state of tension and not feeling very good about myself. The moment I accept that this feeling is there, that I honestly want to deal with it, talk about it and admit it, the most miraculous thing starts to happen. I start to let it go and I get to understand why that behaviour was there in the first place in complete allowing, understanding and love! I then get to realise something else amazing too – it was all just energy and it’s cleared in seconds. All that time being burdened by a heavy energy when it simply takes moments to say ciao to it!! As you say it’s gone – never to return. I feel that a few moments of squirming are definitely worth it.

    2. Absolutely spot-on Conor, Serge does not ‘pussyfoot’ around the truth, he is 100 percent committed to it. This can be uncomfortable and squirm inducing in the short-term, but in the long term it is very liberating.

    3. So true Conor – plain simple truth is about as unpalatable to many people as it can get. Like everything else if it isn’t glossed over, airbrushed, brushed under the carpet, ignored, distracted, numbed, manipulated and even basterdised people aren’t interested. Keeping things simple and real for some paradoxical reason is just too hard to digest. The point is simple truth is exactly what works and has us living vital, joy-filled lives. I love it – bring it on!

    4. I agree with you Conor. As much as it is uncomfortable, the energetic truth cuts to the bone. I love Serge for this, and also the brilliant humour that delicately holds everything together.

  48. When one reads words like ‘Cult’ and ‘Guru’, one instantly sees in one’s mind’s eye, groups of hopelessly disconnected human beings wandering aimlessly having unquestioningly submitted to the will of their ‘leader’ and to all intents and purposes have become ‘brainwashed’. The ‘followers’ have been worn down by the apparently unassailable arguments of the leader who like any despot, wields an absolute power over the hapless followers. There is no love, just submission and domination.
    How any intelligent journalist can equate the above with Universal medicine is absolutely laughable.
    Universal Medicine is the very antithesis of a cult.
    Its adherents are bright, intelligent, successful and free thinking people, who understand the simple logic of self-care and self-love and the common sense of eating and sleeping properly in accordance with the body’s wishes. As a result they enjoy better health and put less of a strain on the hard-pressed national government’s health resources!
    The man behind Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, is the complete opposite of a Guru. He ‘Presents’ teachings which are based on ancient wisdom, never instructs or orders. He never tells anyone to do anything, instead preferring people to discover for themselves while taking part in ‘workshops’.
    Everyone exercises free-will and no one is compelled to do anything they don’t wish to do. He is totally consistent in that he and his family live the life that he teaches.
    As a direct result of Serge’s unselfish and tireless commitment, very many people have turned their lives around.
    Healthy, joyful and fit, have replaced sick, depressed and unhealthy. Nobody is being exploited, abused or ‘ripped off’, words that journalists seem to recognise as old friends when desperately searching for yet another ‘story’ to sell newspapers. The BAD news for these scribblers and their jaundiced view of the world, is that nothing but GOOD news is coming out of Universal Medicine!!

    1. Hear, hear! Well said Jonathan. I totally agree with you. Serge presents just common sense and it´s up to you if you listen to his presentations and if you´re going to try and find out for yourself what is true for you and your body. If this means being in a cult then I am in. 🙂

      1. Karin, detractors can call it whatever they like, it isn’t going to change how I regard Serge Behayon and Universal Medicine. Like you, I’m in, body and soul.

      2. Brilliant Jonathan. Everyone is free to come and free to go. Those that are ready to hear the truth can’t get enough and those that aren’t ready can walk away. It is those that don’t want to hear the truth, that have created the media circus that now exists.

    2. Brilliant Jonathan, ‘Nobody is being exploited, abused or ‘ripped off’ but are in fact turning their lives around! The joy in the student body is easy to feel in the numerous blogs which have been written and which give witness to the multitude of changes people are making every day.

    3. So much of note said here, Jonathan, thank you. Two stand out points for me: Serge lives openly all that he presents as witnessed by all who know him and his family. The changes that have taken place for students of the livingness, from unhealthy, disconnected and irresponsible to vital, engaged and responsible, are simply miraculous.

      1. True, Serge does not live a closed off life, he is a man who always walks his talks and does this all the time. He doesn’t present something on stage and then act something completely different off stage. Also, through his unwavering consistancy with what he presents on and off stage, is why so many people are inspired by him and have changed their lives dramatically for the better because they see a true role model who is living truth.

    4. It is the antithesis of a cult, absolutely for one if you chose to never attend another course not one person from Universal Medicine would contact you to try to get you to come along, I know I haven’t done a healing course in three years. You come to what you want, you leave when you want, free will is the basis of true love and it is in bucket loads with Universal Medicine.

  49. Wow the amazing comments on this page are a true testament to how many people’s lives Serge and Universal Medicine have deeply touched. I am definitely one of these people, from the moment I met Serge he has shown me nothing but the highest form of integrity and spoken nothing but common sense that I could feel to the bone was true. To describe the way this has changed my life – I wouldn’t know where to start – but I am eternally grateful.

    1. Meg, I count myself so blessed to have come across Serge Benhayon. My life has changed enormously too because of him and the choices I have been inspired to make. I have been attending his presentations and workshops now for 10 years and to not attend them anymore is unthinkable, not because I am addicted to them, but because every one of them takes me on a journey to a deeper, more honest, more loving, more understanding relationship with myself. This in turn impacts on all my relationships as I hold all others in the way I hold myself. It is also an utter joy to be with Serge as I haven’t found anyone on the planet like him – his gentle humour and deep loving wisdom blows my socks off! Inspired is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel when I am in his company, not to mention the total love and respect I have for him or the love in which he holds me and everyone equally.

    2. Meg it’s beautiful what you say, my experience is the same. Serge and Universal Medicine have been amazing and the truth they stand with and present, is so beautiful. My life has changed in all directions – there is just so much to share, I am extremely grateful to have met them all.

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