Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace

Self-Care and the workplace

I have always been employed in professions working with and supporting people, one being a very large international chartered accountancy firm in the area of Human Resources. This position involved a lot of counselling and I had the true desire to support people, however I could feel I was getting exhausted and not taking care of myself.  Continue reading “Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace”

Is Serge Benhayon a ‘Cult Leader’?

by Lee Green, Australia

The word ‘cult’ was incorrectly used in the article by Heath Aston titled ‘Cult’ Cures on Medicare, published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 22nd July 2012.  With any event, presentation or healing associated with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I walk in of my own free-will, I pay my own money and I leave with the opportunity to choose for myself what I have heard or not. Simple.

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Letter to Byron Kaye (Medical Observer)

I was informed that this letter to the Medical Observer was submitted to the journalist Byron Kaye before they printed outright lies about Serge Benhayon’s position on medicine.                       

I am aware of the allegations against Universal Medicine and quite frankly I am in absolute disbelief as my personal experience has been quite the opposite of all that is being said. Continue reading “Letter to Byron Kaye (Medical Observer)”

Journalism a Forgotten Art

There was a time in history …  and not so long ago when the printed newspaper stood for something unique and virtuous, something steeped in integrity, a medium that carried real merit through the hard work and talent of dedicated people genuinely seeking to accountably report the truth in the most objective way possible and wherever necessary expose the lies – a truly grand and noble service to the public. Continue reading “Journalism a Forgotten Art”

Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself

by Wendy K, Australia

I switched on my computer to check my mail and to my surprise, through a prominent newspaper, it was claimed that I was part of a cult. This has not been my experience with Serge Benhayon, any Esoteric Teaching or Universal Medicine. Serge has consistently asked us to DISCERN ALL TEACHINGS and at no time has anything been ‘expected’ of me as a student. Continue reading “Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself”

In response to the Northern Star false allegations about Esoteric Breast Massage

This was just issued on the Universal Medicine website:

“In response to the outrageously false allegations printed today in the Northern Star, Universal Medicine would like to issue the following statement to the media and to the public.

There has been a heinous disregard for the truth in the portrayal of Serge Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon and a total misrepresentation of their character and their services, in today’s paper. The article, which erroneously states that Serge Benhayon trained his sons in Esoteric Breast Massage comes out only a day after an ABC Radio interview in which Serge Benhayon explicitly stated that Esoteric Breast Massage was a treatment only ever practiced by female practitioners and which has never been practiced by any man, himself or otherwise. Continue reading “In response to the Northern Star false allegations about Esoteric Breast Massage”

The One? A Student Response to the Recent Sydney Morning Herald Articles on Serge Benhayon

In response to the recent Sydney Morning Herald article published July 22, 2012, ‘Cult’ Cures on Medicare, with the opening line that proclaimed that “his followers call him The One”; I would like to state that I am not a member or follower of Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon. I am a person who pays to attend presentations and workshops and I do not and never have called Serge Benhayon “The One”. In fact I call him Serge, after all that is his name; a family man who cares deeply about people and their well being.

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